This was mine and Dinks first test together at Hunters Equestrian. He was just 4yrs old and had recently recovered from breaking his neck in 2 places. I actually retire at the end and I don’t really know why. Think I was just so emotional I didn’t know what to do with myself!!
This is Abbie and Ferdi Eilberg starting half steps with Dink last week. Although the very beginning you can see that there are some pleasing moments where he looks like he will take to it. Was one very proud horse mummy that day!

Baby Darcy at one week old with mummy Shakira. Shakira trained to medium along with being well placed in the young horse finals at both 5 and 6yrs old. She then broke her pedal bone in a field accident and has been producing wonderful foals since. I am lucky enough to have remained in contact with all of her foals so far and they are all proving to have both fantastic temperaments and confirmation for dressage. She is now with William Collett and is breeding him a very exciting string of horses.  

Becky Woolven jumping Dink to give him a bit of variety.
Dill as a 9yr old having a go at his first Inter 11 at Patchetts Equestrain. He scored just under 70%. 
Dink having his first go at 2 1x changes, or flip flps as they are known. This truly shows the balance in the canter Abbie is able to maintain. 

Neither Abbie or Dink had ever tried this before. 
Dinks indervidual test Addington 14/05.17.
​Dinks team test in Saumur 2017. He was the top scoreing British horse and helped the team to silver in the CDIO Nations Cup. 
Dinks first go at an Advanced test 11/02/17.
He scored over 68% a nd is now qualified to have a go at PSG.